March 11, 2014

Chance to Dance

Chance to Dance

A unique class focused on providing children with developmental differences an opportunity to explore and express themselves through music and movement. Using a variety of props such as feathers, hoops, and balloons we will provide a safe, fun, physical class that will benefit the child in all areas, such as posture, strength, coordination, concentration, confidence and socialization.

Sarah has a Bachelors Degree in Performing Arts with an emphasis in Dance in Special Education and is a certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance instructor.  She has volunteered as a dance instructor in the UK for children with a variety of disabilities, particularly with children with Autism. She has also taught at the Gateway Club in the UK, a social club for adults with disabilities. Sarah is passionate about dance education for all children but in particular children with special needs. Sarah’s own personal journey with her son, who has autism, has fueled her passion to launch “Chance To Dance”. She sees this opportunity as fulfilling a dream of hers to bring the joy of dance to children of all abilities.

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Instructor: Sarah Jacobson
Ages: 4-10
Day/Time: scheduled Saturdays 9:00-9:45 – Specific Dates are listed on the CHANCE TO DANCE SYNERGY FACEBOOK PAGE.  If interested in class please visit the Chance To Dance Page to receive class updates or sign up at!/showSignUp/10c0548a8af292-chance1

Synergy is proud to offer this class for FREE to families.  Our Synergy Dance Team’s fundraising efforts cover the costs of this program.

Parent/caregiver participation is strongly encouraged. All levels of ability are welcome, no experience necessary. Wheelchair accessible.